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The history of MITA begins in 1934 with the manufacture of photocopiers. 1951 Introduces the first compact photocopier to use in the office, COPYSTAR A. The photocopier established MITA in its first research and manufacturing business while transferring new technology to any office.

In 1964 he set up a new factory in HIRAKATA and he understands the requirements of the market proceeds with the construction of easy-to-use electrostatic machines that produce copies directly on special coated paper.

In 1979 he built the new HONK-KONK factory, which expanded in 1986.

MITA expands and grows rapidly after the design and production of its first xerographic machines, which make the best reviews for their high quality and reliability.

In 1982 she built her first factory in Shiatama and in 1985 the second.

On 18-1-2000 MITA merges with KYOCERA and is renamed KYOCERA MITA CORPORATION.

MITA at its headquarters in OSAKA has 6 large research and development centers to track new consumer needs in ever-changing economic and business conditions and to design new, reliable, high-tech and easy-to-use products.

It is noteworthy that all MITA products before they go into large-scale production are exhaustively tested for quality and durability that exceed all international safety, quality and ecology standards such as: TUV, CE, ISO 9002, BLUE ANGEL, BSI, VDE, NEMKO, US , U.L ..

A company called Papas G. Ioannis is established since 1994 and we continue to represent Western Macedonia exclusively in Photocopiers, FAX and LASER PRINTERS of the Japanese construction firm MITA INDUSTRIAL CO LTD, one of the oldest Photocopiers in the world.

From 2018, the individual company Papas G. Ioannis ceases to exist and a new company is being developed under the name I. & G. Papas L.P.

 with more delegations of office machines and printing machines with exclusive imports.

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